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Dries De Malsche is a Belgian interior designer, who started his own practice in 2011. His office is located in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, where he works in close collaboration with various (inter)national artisans in order to cross-fertilize the beauty of arts, design and craftsmanship.

His portfolio includes a variety of national and international projects. custom- tailored to the needs and life style of his clients. Each project is a common and shared process searching for the perfect creation of a calm, protective and inspiring atmosphere, reflecting tranquility, warmth, light and capturing the beauty in the interaction of all these elements. Use of authentic materials, such as wood, marble and stone leads to interior design projects shaped by purity, harmony and serenity. His work is characterized by a strong sense of detail, illustrated by the use of handmade custom furniture, traditional building techniques, not guided by trends and fashion, but lasting... with a focus on sobriety. 

Dries De Malsche info@ontwerpbureaudries.be
Interieurarchitect 0032 477 29 62 03