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DVB Residence

Knokke 2020

This new built house, surrounded by a beautiful garden is located in a residential area on the Belgian Coast, Knokke. The private residence and garden are completely designed with respect for the natural surrounding and atmosphere. The intent was to create a light, minimalistic, but warm

home suited to modern family life.

The architecture is embedded in the local context, near the coast, with respect to tradition and embracing the essence of life by creating a feeling of warmth and authenticity. This contextual approach, with a focus on natural space and outside light, invites the residents to live a life of quality. The open views between garden and house strengthen the connection and interplay between the interior and exterior design (by Arttec Architects). By using exclusive natural materials – such as onyx, natural stone, terra cotta, leather, mineral plaster and wood – and refinement in detail, we managed to create an environment to express their passion for art, bespoke furniture and enjoying the good life.

We were commissioned to design a very minimalistic and light interior, but with a great sense of warmth and authenticity. Therefore we chose a rough terra cotta flooring in kitchen and wellness area combined with a tactile material such as onyx which is perfect to blend with a warm hidden lighting. Since the residence is located near the coastline and surrounded by dunes, all materials and shapes refer to the color and feeling of sand and sea. All flooring is very textured, referring to the feeling of walking on sand, while all details are rounded and soft. The walls are covered with a natural mineral plaster with few texture which gives the interior a smooth and serene character. The calm atmosphere is really the highlight of this unique and personal residence. 

Interiordesign: Ontwerpbureau Dries De Malsche

Architecture: arTTec Knokke

Coordination: Confibouw

Techniques: Comfdomotics/ESP-Projects

Stone: Van Den Weghe/Dominique Desimpel

Crafts: De Coene

Painting: Ab Interni

Fotografie: Cafeïne - Thomas De Bruyne