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City apartment TP

City apartment Antwerp 2020

Set on the 7th floor of a monumental building in the city center of Antwerp, near the background of the historic Bourla Theater, we were commissioned to reconvert two connecting apartments for a brother and sister. The design task involved creating a unique atmosphere for each individual apartment, yet applying a unified language which is extended through the whole floor. The close and familial band of both siblings was used as inspiration for the design of both apartments. This resulted in a neutral uniform natural plaster on all floors and walls, complemented with a warmer smoked, brushed larch wood for the brothers apartment and a natural, brushed larch wood for the sisters apartment. Both spaces used a soft natural stone as base in the kitchen, combined with a more outspoken marble countertop in both bathrooms. A combination of soft pink and gold details throughout the JP apartment and gun metal and warm brown in the TP apartment, strengthen the personal touch of the owners and give each apartment its own character.

Both spaces indulge in a ray of natural light, enhanced by the soft curved details of the fixed furniture. This design language is continued through the whole floor including the large tv-wall in apartment JP and bespoke cocktail islands in the kitchen area of the TP apartment. These designer choices, characterized by a high level of detail, resulted in two apartments with each their own identity, but a collective DNA. 

Fotografie: Piet-Albert Goethals