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Saheel Residence Dubai

Dubai 2018

The client and his family are long-time friends with whom Dries has been working since years. The existing house, surrounded by a small, but beautiful garden is located in a residential area of the city of Dubai and surrounded by breathtaking views of the neighboring golf course. The private residence and garden are completely renovated with respect for the given and atmosphere as foundation. The intent was to create a lighter, more informal touch of home suited to modern family life.

The architecture is embedded in the local context, with respect to tradition and embracing the essence of life by creating a feeling of warmth and authenticity. This contextual approach, with a focus on natural space and outside light, invites the user to live a life of quality.

The open views between garden and house strengthen the connection and interplay between the interior and exterior design. By using exclusive natural materials and refinement in detail, combined with the craftsmanship of Belgian and local experts, he managed to create an environment to express their passion for art, bespoke furniture and enjoying the good life. 

Fotografie: Tim Van De Velde